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Life has been so busy for us around here and I have not felt much like blogging, but I decided I would at least update with recent pictures of my kids.

We took these for Father’s Day for my husband.

I had seen this done on another blog, but with just the letters DAD, but since I have 5 children we decided to do DADDY.  Maribeth wasn’t really in to holding the letter ‘Y’ and kept throwing it so we sat her down and then tossed the ‘Y’ in front of her and this is the best picture we got :~P

Hope everyone is doing well!  And hopefully soon I will be back to normal posting…whatever that is. lol

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Happy 8th Birthday Maxwell & Marissa

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Guess What I have Won!

I don’t know how many of you have heard of The Handmade Dress, but I just LOVE all of her patterns.  They are all very modest yet not frumpy looking.  I first saw her dress “Miss Madeline” and that dress is what made me become a follower.  Now I for the most part am just a lurker, but the other day when Samantha asked her readers their opinion on fabric color schemes I decided to post a comment.

Not thinking anything of it the next morning I was reading through my blog feeds on Google reader and I read that Samantha decided on a whim to give away one of her patterns to one of the people who had responded and she picked random number 7 and a lucky reader named Amy won the prize.

I skimmed over the post as I have been pretty busy and at first didn’t click on the name which was linked to a blog.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about this lucky person “Amy” so later on I went back and was reading about what they won and I decided to click the name and guess what it was “ME….that Amy was ME”.

Let me just say I was so excited and of course I KNEW which one I would pick….Miss Madeline of course~The dress I fell in love with, but Have 4 girls all different sizes I realized it only came in Rissa’s size, and so I picked one of my other favorites :D  Miss Mary.  The sizes this pattern comes in is 6 months-4 years and then 5-12 years.  I chose the larger size so that I can make the dress for both Mackenzie and Marissa, but guess what?!?  Samantha sent me the smaller size too so I can now make matching dresses for Maribeth!  I am so excited and Samantha is so sweet to send me the extra pattern.

The Miss Mary(Photo was borrowed for The Handmade Dress)

If you are looking for modest, beautiful patterns that are geared for the busy mom without a lot of time head on over to Samantha’s shop and order a few patterns, you will be glad you did!

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Easter 2010

I have been extremely busy Spring Cleaning, but thought I would pop in and say “HI!” and share a picture of our family taken on Easter Sunday.

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Midweek Review

Well, this is last week, but my friend Kristy “tried” to take Maribeth’s 1 year pictures with her being way over tired and whiny, and before she started wheezing so badly and we had to go to the ER, but here is one of the shots she got!

Guess I didn’t mention that Maribeth ended up being admitted into the hospital on her birthday due to breathing and respiratory problems. She is doing much better now!

Monday was Max’s Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub scouts. I of course thinking my battery was charging realized later that the plug wasn’t firmly in the wall and my battery died :( so I only got a few pictures.

Here is Max with my Mom at the banquet.

Max is doing REALLY well, and was the only boy in his Den to complete his rank and he started about 2 months after all the other boys. I am really proud of him and I hope he sticks with it!

Recently my sewing machine died which if you know me REALLY bums me out. I have gone about a month without a machine. Well, last week I see a machine offered on freecycle so I jump at the opportunity hoping to get it and the man threw in a couple decorative dishes ;P. My husband went to get it and he brings home

now I have had some old machines, but I think this may be the oldest. Being so busy I hadn’t even tried it to see if it works till today and I was VERY pleasantly surprised! It works and is so quiet and so smooth and the foot pedal is about 2 times wider than any other ones I have ever had so it is much more comfortable to use!

Since it worked I made Maribeth a new pillow. The one she had was so big and she really needed a smaller one.

Later this week we have plans for a family night and a day of fun with friends! Hope you all enjoy your week.

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Happy 1st Birthday?

Well we had 2 parties for Maribeth for her birthday and then on her actual birthday we planned to spend the day together and then have dinner with Daddy after he got off work.

Maribeth had been fighting a cold for a few days with a very runny nose, but we decided to take her 1 year pictures anyways and just see what we got. I packed up the kids on a VERY snowy day and headed to my friends for our photo session. Maribeth was a bit fussy, but not too bad, but then 1/2 way through the pictures she just laid on the floor and we figured she needed a nap before we continued so we put her down for a nap, but she would NOT sleep so we got her back up and we noticed she was wheezing really bad so I decided to take her into the ER. They put her on oxygen for several hours, tested for RSV which came back negative, but her blood oxygen levels kept dipping so they admitted her in the hospital. They monitored her all night and she did well so they let her come home with a nebulizer, and steroids. Yesterday I took her in for a follow up and they found out she also has an ear infection on top of it all. OH and her gums are really swollen. She is still a pretty happy baby for the most part, but gets pretty whiny when the meds wear off.

Well, here is a little slideshow I put together of Maribeth~Hope you enjoy it

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Maribeth's 1st Birthday
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We have a Walker….And Other News

This Morning Max was sitting in the living room eating an Apple and Maribeth just can’t resist apples so she took about 10 steps to Max to take a bite of his apple.  She did this several times then I pulled out my camera to try to catch the action.  I am not very good, but here are a couple shots.

She is growing up so fast and will be 1 on Monday…I CAN’T BELIEVE it at all.  She has started doing “fish-lip” kisses and also likes to smack her lips really loud when she kisses us.

She has learned to say a couple words now….Dada, Mama, Uh-Oh, Baby, baba and HI.  She has a cheering section every time she does something new.  The kids get so excited still about everything she does.  I am so glad they don’t get tired of her.  They still run whenever she wakes up to be the first to pick her up.

Tomorrow is another birthday party for Maribeth and the theme again is Polka Dots.  I was trying to think of a good food to serve and we decided on Tacos and Nachos so I will be setting up a Taco Bar at our church so everyone can just self serve.  It is going to be held in our church basement and my Pastor’s daughter will be making the cake and cupcakes!  I think this party will go off without a hitch.


I made these for all the kids for Valentines Day.  Our church was having a chili cook-off and I made these for all the adults too ;).

OH AND I GOT 2ND PLACE FOR MY CHILI!!!!!!!!  I was so surprised, but it was so exciting too.  I make the same recipe every year because it’s the only recipe I will eat ~I don’t like too much spice~ and EVERYONE has had my chili, yet it got voted 2nd place only being beat by 4 points :D.

We had a great weekend and so far this week has been a good one too.  Hope everyone is having a nice week.

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A Few Birthday Party Pictures

We didn’t really have anyone taking pictures, but here are a few we got from Maribeth’s first Birthday Party. She is also having one this weekend coming up so hopefully we will have more then.

Maribeth squealed with delight when opening her presents!

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Simple Woman’s Daybook~January 4, 2010

For Today…January 4, 2010

Outside my window… Very cold winter day 21*

I am thinking…How blessed I truly am and excited to see what the Lord has planned for our lives this coming year

From the learning rooms…We are just taking it easy as we are all battling head colds and just feeling a bit under the weather.

I am thankful for… The wonderful year we had in 2009~The Lord blessed and provided for us in so many ways

From the kitchen… Homemade Potato and Ham Soup

I am wearing…Jean Skirt, Long sleeve T and a hooded sweatshirt along with socks and my slippers….I said it was cold ;)

I am reading… 52 week KJV Bible reading plan

I am hoping (praying)…That the Lord will use me in a great way this year as I strive to be a great help-meet to my husband and as I train my children

I am creating… I am starting to prepare for Maribeth’s first birthday parties….yes I said parties what am I thinking? I have borrowed my friends Cric*t and am enjoying cutting things out to help me decorate for her party.

I am hearing…Sacred music playing from my computer speakers, and the kids playing

Around the house…Trying to figure out how to better use the space the Lord has blessed me with. Trying to de-clutter and to rearrange things.

One of my favorite things…The time Ron and I spend at night with Maribeth after the kids go to sleep. She is a riot and has quite the personality. Can’t wait to see what she is like when she becomes a toddler. She has us laughing now I can only imagine it getting better.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Cleaning, Church on Wednesday, Cubscout meeting on Thursday and just trying to stay warm and to help my family get healthy

Here is a pictures thought I am sharing with you…

Maribeth’s first Christmas!

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What Child is This

My daughter Mackenzie recently started taking piano lessons from our Pastor’s daughter and she learned how to play What Child is This and my other daughter Madison is singing tonight at the Nursing Home our church ministers to.  They will both be preforming on Sunday Evening for our church’s Christmas program.

This  was the first time Mackenzie has played in front of an audience and I think she did really well.

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